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Mang Ochid : The Orchid Farmer Robot

Senin, 02 April 2018 ~ Oleh Fajar Amufatullah ~ Dilihat 579 Kali

Mang Ochid is a farmer robot that give us new spirit to develop the future gardening in our school. Mang Ochid as a farmer robot was developed to help us in gardening, especially to look after some flowers. “Mang Ochid” is the robot’s name, suitable with sundanese character. The robot is designed to look after orchid such as gives water nutrition that is needed for growing well. The robot also can move the flower to the sunrise area for awhile, so the flower can get the best temperature and sun power to keep healthy.

The robot was developed using some materials like Lego (Gigo) as the bodies,  arduino UNO as the microcontroller, ultrasonic sensor, light intensity sensor, line follower sensor and arduino IDE to develop program. This new robot can enhance our interest in taking care flowers or gardening.

Some features of the robot are :

  1. Moving automatically to find the better brigtness for the flower.
  2. Hold and put the flower at the better brightness area.
  3. Give some water nutrition.the flower

This robot has been developed by Robolabs, some students in our school that have interest in robotic (Robotic Club)

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